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Discover the TCID8: an advanced modular multisensor system tailored for mid-to-long range security applications. This powerful system enables extended-range observation and detection through state-of-the-art thermal and day/night sensors and optics.

The TCID8 boasts a multisensor setup enhanced with cooled/MWIR, uncooled/LWIR, short wave/SWIR, and high-performance day/night sensors. Engineered to withstand the harshest weather conditions and environments, including integrated cameras and pan/tilt coolers and heaters, the TCID8 ensures reliability in any scenario.

Explore a diverse range of sensors and configuration options, providing flexibility to meet your specific security needs. Elevate your surveillance capabilities with the TCID8 – where cutting-edge technology meets robust design for uncompromised security solutions.


Specification and modifications

Key features:

  • LWIR HD Thermal resolution in 640x512 or 1280x1024 pixels

  • High performance NETD thermal Vox sensors with 12μm. pixel pitch

  • 640x512 encoding at 50/60fps. / 1280x1024 encoding at 25/30fps.

  • Long range zoom or fixed thermal lens up to 300mm.

  • Super low lux sensor with 30fps. and defogging

  • 2-8 mp. day/night camera, up to 1200mm zoom lens

  • EIS video stabilization for perfect image video stability

  • High precision motor technology, accurate pan/tilt 0,01°

  • Worm drive engine with long lasting / high repeatability system

  • High speed azimuth with -90/90° elevation

  • 48v. DC power

  • IP66 waterproof housing, including heater and fan

  • Military connectors

  • Onvif 2.5 and Profile S


  • MWIR Sensor

  • LWIR Sensor

  • SWIR Sensor

  • DAY/NIGHT Sensor

  • Lazer ranger finder

  • Digital Magnetic Compass

  • High precision GPS receiver

  • AIS receiver

  • Laser illuminator


KOLO HC8 Datasheet

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