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Introducing the HC9 Series PTZ multisensor: a cutting-edge dual-sensor system featuring a robust thermal and day/night zoom camera. With high-performance imagers designed for continuous 24/7 operation, the integration of these two sensors delivers unparalleled performance, ensuring precise detection, recognition, and identification of intruders and potential threats.

Housed in a durable IP66 casing constructed from anti-corrosive aluminum alloy and equipped with a high-performance pan/tilt system, the HC9 is built to withstand the toughest climates. 

Achieve Extreme Long Range Detection with HC9's advanced Long-Wave Infrared (LWIR) HD thermal sensors, available in 640x512 or 1280x1024 resolutions. These sensors boast the capability to detect vehicles at distances exceeding 30km and humans at distances surpassing 15km.

The HC9 series also features a heavy-duty, high-precision pan/tilt unit with worm gears and encoders, ensuring optimal performance and low maintenance. Elevate your surveillance capabilities with HC9 – where cutting-edge technology meets reliability.


Specification and modifications

Key features:

  • HD Thermal resolution in 640x512 or 1280x1024 pixels

  • High performance NETD thermal Vox sensors with 12μm. pixel

  • Long range zoom or fixed thermal lens up to 350mm.

  • 2mp. - 8mp. day/night cameras, up to 2000mm zoom lens

  • Super low lux sensor 30/60fps. video

  • EIS/OIS video stabilization for perfect image video stability

  • High precision motor technology, accurate pan/tilt 0,001°

  • Worm drive engine with long lasting / high repeatability

  • High speed azimuth with -90/90° elevation

  • 48v. DC power

  • IP66 waterproof housing

  • High / Low temperature ready

  • Heater, fan, encoders

  • Military connectors

  • Onvif 2.5 and Profile S


  • MWIR Sensor

  • LWIR Sensor

  • SWIR Sensor

  • DAY/NIGHT Sensor

  • Lazer ranger finder

  • Digital Magnetic Compass

  • High precision GPS receiver

  • AIS receiver

  • Laser illuminator


KOLO HC9 Datasheet

KOLO HC9 Laser Datasheet

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