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Experience the next level in thermal sensing with KOLO VC1, engineered for enhanced performance 24/7 in challenging environments. Designed to withstand extreme temperatures, vibrations, and other harsh conditions, VC1 systems seamlessly deliver superior functionality. Ideal for military vehicles, mining mega trucks, and various industrial machines, VC1 systems are built for reliability.

Encased in a robust, heavy-duty aluminum body, VC1 is not only protected against dust, dirt, and water but is also water-resistant, ensuring durability in rough conditions. The inclusion of a quick-mount bracket facilitates versatile installations, and the IP67 cables with quick connections, along with a wide working voltage, add to the convenience.

Equipped with single or dual video output options to connect up to two monitors, VC1 also offers HDMI high-definition video connectivity for optimal video details. Choose from a variety of lenses ranging from 8 to 35mm, making VC1 thermal sensors adaptable for driving enhancement or mid-range detection applications. Elevate your thermal sensing experience with the VC1 Series.

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Specification and modifications

Key features:

  • Thermal resolution 640x480 or 384x288 pixels

  • High performance NETD thermal a-Si sensor with 12um. pixel pitch

  • Athermal focus free lenses with auto defrost

  • Heavy duty aluminum casting body

  • IP67 waterproof

  • Vibration proof

  • Wide working voltage range

  • Military grade 8" and 10" screen


  • 7.5, 8.1, 19, 25, 35mm athermal free focus lenses

  • CVBS output

  • HDMI output


KOLO VC1 Datasheet

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